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Why Raffles?

Raffles Promise

We embrace a holistic education through the development of superior thinking processes, the mastery of communication, and the acquisition of thorough and effective work methods.

Our curriculum and pedagogy are designed to be industry-focused and relevant. Our students are empowered to innovate with creativity. The skills that our students acquire will far exceed the knowledge and expertise of the profession, setting them on the road to success.

Raffles Global Advantage

Since establishing its first college in Singapore in 1990, Raffles has grown to operate 22 colleges and universities in 20 cities across 12 countries. Our flexible inter-school transfer scheme allows students to study at any of Raffles’ network of colleges and universities, immerse themselves in different cultures and experience living overseas.


Students who are enrolled in Raffles benefit from a quality education with a well-rounded hands-on experience relevant to the industry. This enables them to improve their career opportunities. Studying in a multi-national environment enables our students to expand their personal network, be exposed to international perspectives and greatly enhances career opportunities beyond their home country.

Raffles Sense

We strive to unlock our students’ inner beings, enabling them to overcome the barriers that limit and confine them. We will unleash their potential and unveil their hidden talent. Raffles nurturing our students’ abilities beyond their five senses. By awakening the Raffles Sense in our students, we ignite our students’ creativity and innovation to empower them to strive towards self-actualization that will drive our students to break new grounds, cultivate their talent and fuel the passion necessary for a lifelong career.

Raffles International Creative Practitioners

Our educators are more than teachers. They are creative practitioners and experts in their own professions. Collectively, their diverse backgrounds and wealth of cultural and industry knowledge translate into an added learning advantage for our students.


Their commitment to impart their knowledge and skills to our students, also of different nationalities, creates an environment which is rich in creativity and innovation. This conducive learning environment will broaden students’ perspectives, enhance adaptability and enrich their personal growth.

Well-encompassed Curriculum: Creative, Practical & Industry-relevant

Be trained from zero to professional, from core subjects (concepts & theories) to creative and practical subjects (technical skills), from classroom to the real world (industry projects & internship).

Learning at the speed of Raffles

Through our intensive curriculum, we arm students with the creative ability and practical problem solving skill. We groom graduates who are not only team players but also independent minded to pursue their passion. Students are given the flexibility to commence their studies at a time convenient for them: in January, April, July and October. Graduates can also choose to embark on their professional career at any one of the four windows. This not only maximises their employment prospects, but also allows them to better serve the ongoing human resource needs of industries.

Exclusive Learning Experience

With small class sizes, lecturers can give you personal attention and also detailed constructive advice. Our lecturers will get to know you and your skills, strengths, passions and learning styles. The personalised attention you receive in a small classroom setting allows you to get individual critique, focus and feedback.

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