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Hong Kong aspires to be a regional education hub. We welcome non-local students to study, to do research and to take part in exchange activities here.

In Raffles, we adopt international standards in curriculum design and quality assurance and the qualifications awarded are internationally recognised. We are among the best in the world and hold leading positions in various international rankings. Academic freedom and highly internationalised campus are also our privileges which can help you learn from different perspectives so as to broaden your horizon.





Design Industry Development in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a window to the world of the trends and styles of Asia, making it a great city to institute a well-established design community. Hong Kong also is at the crossroads of Asia, and is a key gateway to the Chinese mainland. Meanwhile, Hong Kong’s design industry is increasingly export-oriented.

The demand for Hong Kong’s high-end design services is rising in light of a more flourishing China market. Many international companies, large and small, rely on Hong Kong designers to tailor products for the Chinese mainland and Asian markets. Hong Kong designers can satisfy the demand for quality-assured creative services, which match international standards and at the same time, take into consideration Chinese tradition and design.

On the other hand, many of Hong Kong’s light industrial products, such as toys, electronics and garments, are highly favoured in the international market. Hong Kong designers have participated in these industries for a long time and they maintain close working relationship with overseas companies. They understand fully the demands of overseas markets and therefore can capitalise on their international vision in designing products, and assisting the Hong Kong companies to advance from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) and/or Original Brand Manufacturers (OBM).

With the affluent China market growing more sophisticated, more and more mainland enterprises are keen to stay ahead of the game in the local market while making inroads into the world market. Renowned as a stylish cosmopolitan and design hub in Asia, Hong Kong has always been a forerunner which mainland enterprises look up to their excellence in design, branding, and marketing.

Hong Kong’s design services sector is expected to further strengthen in light of various related government measures and the city’s enhancement in cultural and creative development.