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Type and Information Design

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

有沒有想過,如果這個世界沒有了字體設計會變成怎樣?當然這是不可能的,打從人類懂得用文字及符號傳達訊息,已經擁有最基本的美學以及傳播功能。而說到最廣泛傳播和應用的設計範疇,亦定必是字體及資訊設計(Type and information design)。

縱使今天甚麼也數碼化,在街上也少見了手寫的招牌、印刷品也很多都轉做網上版,但我們身邊就是充斥著文字與資訊。今回說起了這個範疇,特別請來了當代最具影響力的設計師之一——ERIK SPIEKERMANN,來自德國的他,擁有五十多年的相關經驗,經過他操刀的品牌無數,而他所設計的兩款字體:FF Meta和ITC Officina,亦被視為現代經典。接下來,我們分兩回與這位大師進行對談,了解今天的設計趨勢,如何鑑古知今。

Have you ever wondered if the world would have no font design? Of course, this is impossible. From human beings who know how to use words and symbols to convey information, they already have the most basic aesthetic and communication functions. The design category that covers the widest range of applications and applications must also be type and information design. Even though there is digitalization today, there are rare handwritten signboards and printed materials on the street.

Many of them are converted to online editions, but we are surrounded by words and information. This time we talked about this category, and invited one of the most influential designers in the world - ERIK SPIEKERMANN, from Germany, he has more than 50 years of relevant experience, after his numerous brands, and his two fonts designed: FF Meta and ITC Officina are also considered modern classics. Next, we will talk to the master in two sessions to understand today's design trends and how to learn from the past.

https://www.hk01.com/形而/271268/ 圖片轉載自: www.hk01.com

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