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Nendo x Longchamp

香港人酷愛日本美學時尚,自Nendo與法國品牌LONGCHAMP 4月中宣告將會推出合作系列後,全港時尚愛好者與文青迅即陷入瘋狂關注的狀態,而來到今個7月,這個引頸以待的系列,亦終於公開發售……

雖然與佐藤大(Oki Sato)領軍的設計工作室Nendo合作是今年才發生的事,但LONGCHAMP對東洋文化的傾慕,其實歷來皆有之,早在1993年,LONGCHAMP始創人Philippe Cassegrain就受到了和風摺紙藝術之啟發,而創製出Le Pliage®包袋系列,既成為品牌至今仍然熱賣的超經典型號,亦深化了法國人對日本美學的情誼結。

Hong Kong people love Japanese aesthetics. Since Nendo and the French brand LONGCHAMP announced in April that they will launch a series of cooperation, Hong Kong fashion lovers are in a state of crazy concern, and this July, the series to be waited for is finally on sale...

Although the collaboration with Nendo, the design studio led by Oki Sato, has only happened this year, LONGCHAMP's admiration for Toyo culture has always existed. As early as 1993, LONGCHAMP founder Philippe Cassegrain received it. Inspired by the art of origami, the creation of the Le Pliage® bag series has become a super-classic model that the brand still sells today and deepens the French friendship with Japanese aesthetics.


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