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談香港衣食住行當中,相信香港居住問題及土地短缺的問題已非新鮮事。根據2018年的調查,在亞洲5大競爭城市,包括香港、新加坡、台北、上海和北京,本港人口密度遠高於其他4個城市,每平方公里「塞滿」2.59萬人!然而,當全球各大城市都正準備踏入宜居智慧城市(Liveable Smart City)的時代,香港還有空間發展與改善嗎?其實早於2001年時,本地的建築師已經提出新的建築理念,利用科技結合設計改善生活。

In the case of Hong Kong's food, clothing and housing, I believe that Hong Kong's housing problems and land shortages are not new. According to the 2018 survey, Asian’s five most competitive cities, including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Shanghai and Beijing, Hong Kong has a much higher population density than the other four cities, with a total of 25,900 people per square kilometer! However, when all major cities around the world are preparing to enter the era of “Liveable Smart City”, is there still room for development and improvement in Hong Kong? In fact, as early as 2001, local architects have proposed new architectural concepts, using technology and design to improve their lives.


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