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Updated: Oct 4, 2019


美國知名包裝設計網站「The Dieline」,每年都會統計該年度最佳的50大包裝,並講解各包裝的設計理念,吸引無數人點閱。這表示,在美感、美學意識逐漸普及的今日,包裝設計這種日常藝術,逐漸受到人們的關注及重視。今天我們為大家介紹今年9大包裝設計的趨勢和概念,帶大家來看看新包裝的設計。

Good-looking packaging is always attractive, so in addition to trying to improve the quality and competitiveness of its products, major brands are also painstakingly involved in packaging design.

The famous packaging design website "The Dieline" in the United States counts the best 50 packagings of the year and explains the design concepts of each package, attracting countless people to read. This shows that in today's aesthetic and aesthetic awareness, the daily art of packaging design has gradually attracted people's attention and attention.

Today we are going to introduce the trends and concepts of the 2019 packaging design, and take a look at the new packaging this year.


圖片轉載自: www.culturelaunch.net

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