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Updated: Aug 14, 2019

自Kim Jones上任DIOR創意總監後,每季都見到他會邀請不同藝術家合作,將不同藝術元素加入設計,在不久之前上演的DIOR MEN 2020 春夏系列,更請來了著名處理腐蝕效果的紐約藝術家Daniel Arsham在時裝騷上設計場地藝術裝置,為我們帶來多個具功能性的時尚藝術品。

Since Kim Jones took over as DIOR creative director, he has seen each season to invite different artists to cooperate and to add different artistic elements to the design. The DIOR MEN 2020 spring and summer series, which was performed not long ago, also invited the famous New York to deal with corrosion effects. Artist Daniel Arsham designed the venue art installations on the fashion floor, bringing us a number of functional and stylish artworks.


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